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What’s Your Level of Sponsored Engagement?

In today’s buyer-empowered world, marketers need to seize every opportunity to start a relationship, generate goodwill, and earn the trust of prospective buyers. It’s tempting to want to stick with marketing tactics that take the least amount of time and money to execute. But it’s often not in your company’s best interests to do so. A solid marketing mix that incorporates photo event marketing is critical Read More

Hashtags And Creating Buzz For Photo Ops At Trade Shows

Hashtags are social media speak for an affinity group and they are a way to share your ideas, conversations and content with your loyal group of immediate followers on social media networks like Twitter. For example #bslv represents a group of people conversing about Cigar Aficianado's Big Smoke 2013. #TopOfTheLake accesses conversations about Read More

The Social Trade Show

Personalize your contacts with every potential trade booth visitor” says Traci Browne in her book THE SOCIAL TRADE SHOW.

A bit of history
The curtained photo booth we commonly see today is attributed to Russian Anatol Josepho. One standing on Broadway, New York City, USA in 1925, is said to be the first of the many photo booths to come later. This opened up people’s minds to the idea of the photo booth being used mainly for fun Read More

Make Social Media Work For You

Set achievable goals that will allow you to get your feet wet. Start to engage and build up new connections, as well as your existing customer base. Start small, and as you get more comfortable and social media savvy, Read More

What trends should be on every marketers’ radar in 2014?

With just a couple of months until the new year arrives, it’s time to start thinking about the trends that are dominating brand marketing and will stick around or get even bigger in 2014. These are the brand marketing trends that can open significant opportunities or create big challenges over the next 12 months. Is your brand ready for them? Read More

Takes more than a pretty exhibit to succeed at an EXPO

Literal sales are not transacted on the EXPO floor, the greatest objective is generally to collect as many qualified leads and visitor information as possible. Then comes the all-important Read More

Incentives Can Motivate Your Booth Staff

It's critical to have the right people in your booth at a trade show. For example, if the media may be present, make sure to have an employee who is experienced in dealing with the media. If you will be presenting technical products, have a member of your technical staff present.

You can't expect a couple of sales reps to be able to wear many different hats. They're only going to have three minutes or less to engage attendees in the right way, so it's Read More

What Exactly IS Lead Nurturing?

The process of engaging prospects by providing the information and dialogue they need at each stage of their buying process to position your company as the best choice to help them achieve their objectives.

Engaging prospects
Just sending a lot of emails to your prospects is not “engagement.” Read More

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DSLR Camera, Print & Posting Kiosk ZERO (0) FOOTPRINT
Backup Photo Printer, DSLR Camera, Hotspot, Upload Screen & Computer Two of everything in your booth is our Standard Operating Proceedure
Images Posted To Social Media Uploaded with your custom messages
Photo Upload & Survey Screens iPad touch screens
Optional Surveys & Data Collection Upon request
Electrical (1 Dedicated Circuit) 120VAC 20 amps.