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Ten Easy Ways to Shine

You exhibit at trade shows to generate qualified leads abd showcase your company’s products and ideas. You are also there to listen to prospective clients and hear what their expectations are.

So, how do you make certain that your booth is not lost in the shuffle? In trade shows, as in life, you have to take chances Read More

Impress and Engage Your Customers

Give-a-ways can be a great way to pull more traffic to your trade show or marketing event booth.

Trade show giveaways, also known as trade show swag, freebies, samples, handouts, and traffic builders, are generally sold by promotional products companies and can be a great method to further promote, market, and advertise your company and products or service for trade shows, conventions, conferences, and other marketing events and gatherings. Read More

8 Ways To Crush Your Trade Show Competition

There are hundreds of companies at trade shows vying for your audience's attention. They distribute branded items, talk about their products, and do everything possible to scan attendees' badges with lead retrieval scanners. Most companies use the same trade show tactics as each other, and attendees eventually forget who was who. But there are other, smarter ways to Read More

7 Surefire Tips of Highly Effective Trade Show Marketers

These are the trade show marketing habits that, if you refine, will make you an invaluable resource for your company. We're not promising you trade show success if you follow these steps – we just know that these skills are second-nature for those who thrive at trade shows Read More

Want More Sales? Try Using These 13 Influential Words

As the primary "weapons" to convert prospects into customers, words are incredibly important to salespeople. How sales reps deliver their messages and converse with contacts can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of a conversation. Using the wrong phrase might cast a negative shadow on the proposal, while tweaking just a few words in the pitch might induce someone to buy immediately. The underlying message is certainly critical, but the words used to deliver it are equally so. Read More

Why Does A Seven Month Old Need A Facebook Page?

If you're like most people on social media, you probably see adorable pictures of babies pop up in your feed all the time, put there by proud friends and family. If you're a parent, chances are you may upload photos of your own beautiful brood – but just because sharing your child's image is an everyday occurrence doesn't mean it's safe. Read More

How To Dress For A Trade Show

High heels? Low cut sweaters? T-shirts? Blue jeans? Your clothing choice makes the first impression at a trade show. And at a trade show, first impression is everything. If you want to be taken seriously, whether as an exhibitor or as an attendee, choose your attire wisely

General attire: When choosing your wardrobe Read More

Trade Show Etiquette Pays

You’ve invested in a winning display, eye-catching signage, pre-show marketing activities and appealing giveaways. What about your exhibit staff? All these investments can be a waste of time and money if your staff doesn’t understand trade show etiquette.

Trade show exhibit staffing is critical to the success of your trade show attendance: your staff can Read More

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DSLR Camera, Print & Posting Kiosk ZERO (0) FOOTPRINT
Backup Photo Printer, DSLR Camera, Hotspot, Upload Screen & Computer Two of everything in your booth is our Standard Operating Proceedure
Images Posted To Social Media Uploaded with your custom messages
Photo Upload & Survey Screens iPad touch screens
Optional Surveys & Data Collection Upon request
Electrical (1 Dedicated Circuit) 120VAC 20 amps.