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Hashtags, Are There Any Specific “Rules"

The general rules of decorum state that you won’t “steal” an established hashtag for your own purposes, which is why it’s a good idea to run a Twitter search to see if the hashtag you’re thinking about using is being leveraged Read More

Winning the Fight for Customer Engagement

The most effective digital marketing campaigns today link back to an increase in overall business growth. For example, a successful campaign could be measured by an increase in new diners, members or customers by X percent. The best way to measure this is through benchmarking and data analysis. The expectation of PR practitioners as “data analysts” has become standard. Benchmarking is critical Read More

Five Trade Show Games That Build Brand Awareness

Incorporating trade show games into your marketing strategy is a great way to increase booth traffic and generate more trade show leads. But, trade show games are no use to your brand or trade show marketing efforts unless they build brand awareness, collect quality contact information, and increase your ROI. Read More

Get More Visitors at your Trade Show Booth with Effective Internet Marketing

HubSpot defines outbound marketing as sending messages through traditional, mass means of communication like advertising, cold calling, and trade shows and events. Outbound marketers push their message out to a vast audience in hopes of it resonating with the select few Read More

Getting the Most Out of Instagram Marketing

You don't have to be a superstar to leverage the power of Instagram. Brands, retailers, tech companies and other organizations use Instagram every day to reach consumers, sell online and grow a following. Here are Ten ways they're doing it, and how small businesses can do it, too. But singer Beyoncé proved to the world that Instagram is more than just another social media platform.Read More

19 Ways to Integrate Social Media into your Next Tradeshow or Event

Integrating social media into your tradeshow and event marketing plan is a great way to enhance your company’s next tradeshow presence. I have promoted and exhibited at more tradeshows than my family has fingers and toes! But now as a Social Media Marketing Director, it is fun to integrate the two worlds together. Here are some ideas on using social media to connect with your prospects, customers and show attendees before, after, and during your events for optimal results.. Read More

Ten Interactive Trade Show Game Ideas That Help Build Brand Awareness

Increase Brand Awareness with These Trade Show Marketing & Booth Game Ideas

1.Twitter Prize Game
Mix social media with a trade show game by encouraging attendees to tweet at your company using trade show specific hashtags. Then select one winner every hour, or every day to win a prize. Notify the attendee by following them on Twitter and tweeting Read More

Successfully Marketing Yourself at a Trade Show

An ever increasing portion of my work comes from clients in the trade publication industry. This past week I attended a trade show for my industry. I knew this was going to be an amazing opportunity to network, make connections, and, fingers crossed, make some new clients. I realized I needed to come up with a strategy that would set me up for success and assure that I got the most out of my experience. A made a list of ideas to try out. I took the ones that worked the best and developed this simple five step plan that will make your next trade show visit a beneficial Read More

Sponsorship 2.0: The Next Generation of Trade Show Marketing

It never ceases to amaze me how many hats trade show managers have to wear. We can’t just be good at what we do on a day-to-day basis.

We also need to stay on top of constantly changing trends in consumer behavior and sponsorship management, often making decisions that impact millions of consumers and business partners Read More

Nine Provocative Ways for Brands to Flaunt Wearable Tech

Smart wearables and sensor-laden devices (SLDs) have the potential to raise brand engagement to new heights. Wearables are not simply another extension of your social media strategy but can handle something that smartphones cannot, namely a constant interaction between the computer and user that enables ambient intelligence, ubiquitous computing and biometric Read More

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