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17 Facts about Exhibiting at Trade Shows

How long have you been attending trade shows for your business? 2 years? 5? Even more? Or do you define yourself as a professional in this business? Even so, there may be some facts about trade shows that you never know or you already accept them as facts unknowingly. Even if you have attended only one trade show until now, you might have noticed that these rules actually govern the trade show business, as you read. If you’re ready to learn more about these trade show facts, keep reading!

1. If you want to employ the best booth staff, you should pick the ones who have the perfect communication skills as well as ones with the good appearance. Not necessarily the seniors. Their having comprehensive information about your company is also a must.
2. The more people involves in designing the booth display, it will take more time to be finished.
3. The more plain and bigger your main images of your display are, the easier it will be to convey your message to your customers.
4. When it comes to decide the colors of your booth design, there will be so much people involved.
5. If you want to increase your sales at the trade show, you should never fail to follow up your leads.
6. The more you appeal to the eye, the more sales you will get.
7. Although companies spend almost a fortune for trade shows, most of them don’t have a specific objective for exhibiting at these shows.
8. If an exhibitor thinks that attending a trade show is useless, they are actually unaware of it or doesn’t make any effort to get the most of it.
9. A majority of exhibit staffers are among the people who never received any training on exhibiting at a trade show which is highly important.
10. The number of people in front of your booth matters. If there is a huge crowd, customers will be interested but they may refrain from getting closer to your booth. A deserted booth will also be uninteresting. The average is the best.
11. In order to have repeat customers, you may need to exhibit at the same event regularly. It will never be a waste of time.
12. If you are looking for the perfect spot for your booth, try near the restrooms (really), or food and coffee desks because these places will never lack a crowd.
13. Your trade show display needs to have less words to be read more.
14. Innovative trade show displays are obligatory if you want to create such an impression for your company.
15. The location of your booth will directly affect the number of the visitors that will be drawn to your booth.
16. You should treat every customer equally but the ones who came from a distant country deserves your special attention.
17 .If exhibition is held in a country that drive on left, people tend to walk on the right side. So if your booth is located on the right, count yourself lucky, or vice versa.

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